november 15, 2016

November News

Let's give you a short update about what is going on here, because the latest news was written some time ago, but a lot has happened in the meantime.

First of all, some Karotz owners from all over the world contacted us using the contact page. We appreciate this very much and love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with your Karotz, with Free Rabbits OS, or just want to share some Karotz adventures with us, or even if you only want to say "hello".

We helped a few Karotz owners getting their Karotz online. Thomas and Alain reported their appreciation on the Google community, thanks for this! Alain offered to translate part of the site in French, including the TimeButton Appstore. He did a great job, and we are proud to announce a French Appstore which launched last weekend. Just visit the homepage, click the French button "Continuer" and choose from the French options listed on the French section of our site. If you have ideas to expand this information with more French content, let us know.

We also added more Apps. First of all, there are Apps especially for Karotz owners in Vienna, Barcelona and London (welcome to Free Rabbits!). We added two original Karotz applications: Funny Clock and Comptines. To listen to Dutch traffic information, 'File informatie' was added. And we added a few apps for French kids; two radio stations: Radio Barbouillots and Radio Junior, and the story of 'Les trois petits cochons'.

If you want a time update in English, you can now use 'Talking clock' which will tell you the current time. We are working on a change to config your Karotz so it will tell the time in your timezone, for now you'll hear the Central European local time. This is a great app to add to the button, so you can press the button to hear the accurate time anytime you want.

If you have the latest version of TimeButton (use the 'Update App' to install), you can choose to move the ears when running an app.

But best of all, RFID tags like Flatnanoz are supported now. Enable RFID using the special RFID app. Then scan your RFID tags, and manage them using the management section of the website (you'll have to login with a Google account for this). After scanning and adding a name to the tags, you can assign them to an App.

For Free Rabbits OS, it is now possible to use Ethernet instead of WIFI. The Free Rabbits OS information and installation page is also translated to French.

Well, that is pretty much all we did the last few months. We will continue developing more to give you the best Karotz experience. Don't forget to say hello. We hope to meet you soon!

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