Free Rabbits OS Installation

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What is this?

Free Rabbits OS is a new operating system (OS) for your Karotz. It is based on the latest Root-filesystem from Violet/Mindscape (the producers of Karotz), version We modified this filesystem to be more flexible and easier to install. We also added functionality and updates. This is a list of changes:

  • Runs on a new version of BusyBox (currently the latest version from 2015).
  • An SSH server is included (Dropbear).
  • Webserver (htttp), Telnet and FTP are enabled by default. Use your browser, use the Windows Telnet client or use WinSCP to connect to your Karotz.
  • The /etc/password file is not read-only anymore, so you can add users or change passwords.
  • The /etc/inetd.conf file is not read-only anymore, so you can add internet services. You can also disable services like Telnet or FTP.
  • The /etc/inittab file is not read-only anymore.
  • We use our own (bash) connection scripts to connect to WIFI or Ethernet, no dependencies on other scripts.
  • Our installation will only flash your factory default Karotz once.
  • Comes with additional functionality that can be installed with one mouse-click using your webrowser. Currently, we offer three packages: OpenKarotz (on top of Free Rabbits OS), Enable SSH to enable the Dropbear SSH server and Free Rabbits TimeButton to use the TimeButton Appstore.
  • We removed the dependencies on not existing update servers from Violet/Mindscape.
  • The syslog is enabled by default.

How can I install Free Rabbits OS?

Just take a look at the bottom of this page. You'll find a form you have to fill in. After this, you'll be able to download the installation files. But before you continue, read the installation instructions and disclaimer.

Installation instructions

  • Fill in the form below.
  • Download the installation files as a ZIP file.
  • Format a USB key as FAT32 and make sure it is empty. When you format on a Mac: make sure you format as "MS-DOS (FAT)" with "Master boot Record".
  • Unzip the ZIP file and place the contents on the USB key.
  • You'll now have one folder and 10 files on your USB key.
  • Reset your Karotz to factory defaults. Turn Karotz off using the switch on its back. Turn it on while holding down the button on his head (Karotz is flashing pink). When the light turns solid pink, release the button. The light (LED) turns dark blue, and then goes through the colors red, pulsing orange, red again, and finally fixed cyan. Your Karotz is returned to its original configuration (factory default settings).
  • Turn your Karotz off.
  • Insert the USB key.
  • Turn your Karotz on and wait for the installation to complete. You'll hear instructions.
  • After the OS is installed, your Karotz will reboot and connect to the network. The light (LED) will flash cyan when looking for a network connection. If successful, the light (LED) will turn green and will pulse.
  • You can now remove the USB key.
  • Go to http://[ip-address-of-your-karotz]/install to install extra functions.

Tips & tricks

  • If you don't want to enter your real WIFI password, just enter a fake one. After you have extracted the ZIP file, edit the file "" with a Linux compatible file editor (like Notepad++) and look for the line starting with "PWD" on top of the page. You'll find your (fake) password between the quotes. Change it and save the file with Linux line endings.
  • If you are not sure what your DNS server is, or you experience problems updating packages, use as DNS server (that is Google's public DNS).
  • Still having problems connecting to your WIFI network? Try our WIFI-Diagnostics. It will only ask you for your SSID and WIFI password. It will use DHCP to connect, and you'll get a detailed report with information about your WIFI network, including hints for your static IP, DNS and gateway.
  • You can update your network settings using the same procedure. Just enter new settings in the form below, download the file, follow the steps above, but don't reset your Karotz to factory defaults. This will update only some settings without flashing again.

Known issues

  • At this moment, we only support a static IP address (no DHCP).
  • For WIFI, we only support WPA/WPA2 encryption (no WEP).
  • For Ethernet, don't unplug the USB key after installation. After reboot, wait until your Karotz tries to connect to the network and fails and the light (LED) turns red. If this happened, turn your Karotz off, unplug the USB key, plugin the ethernet adapter with ethernet cable, then turn your Karotz on again. It should now successfully connect and the light (LED) will turn green.
  • If you connect your Karotz to a Cisco Meraki MR18 access point, downloading packages may fail, caused by security issues of this device. Try to connect to another access point, or whilelist in the management section of your Cisco device.


This software is free to use. We have tested and flashed our Karotz more than 50 times without any problems. But we have to warn you: the OS comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Free Rabbits does not accept responsibility from damage to yourself or your computer or your Karotz that may arise from the installation of this OS. By downloading and/or using this OS you accept these terms. In general this means you use this OS at your own risk, and we accept no responsibility for anything that may occur as a result of your use of, or inability to use, the software provided via this page. Unless otherwise specified the OS is for non-commercial use only. If you wish to distribute the OS in a commercial project, you have to ask for permission first. You may not reproduce, sell, rent, lease, loan, distribute or sublicense this software to any person or third party.

Download FreeRabbits OS

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SSID (your WIFI network name)

WIFI Password

Static IP of your Karotz


DNS (often the IP address of your Router)

Gateway (often the IP address of your Router)

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