WIFI Diagnostics

Download a (zipped) file to create a WIFI Diagnostics USB Key. Enter your WIFI network name and your WIFI password in the form below and press the download button.

After download:

  • UnZIP the file and place the contents on an empty USB key, FAT32 formatted.
  • Turn your Karotz off.
  • Insert the USB key into your Karotz.
  • Turn your Karotz on.
  • Wait for the diagnostics to finish (you will here spoken instructions in English).
  • Turn your Karotz off.
  • Remove the USB key.
  • Insert the USB key in your PC, and look in the folder "log" for the file "diagnostics.log". Open this file with a text editor (like Notepad++) and scroll down.

Static IP
Look for the line starting with "Lease of" in the section "DHCP". You can use the IP address after "Lease of" as your static IP.

Look for the line starting with "nameserver". The IP address after "nameserver" is your DNS. You can also use (that is Google's public DNS).

Look for the line starting with "Route table...". Below this line, you'll see the routing table. Find your gateway IP address in the column "Gateway" on the line starting with "".

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