maart 29, 2020


Hello everybody,

We hope you and your family are healthy and safe!

In December 2019, and January this year, we all heard the news about the Corona virus in Wuhan, China. We heard about the closure of cities, about people leaving the places they worked, about a complete shutdown of normal live. We could't imagine that this would also affect our region.

Now, in March 2020, we face the same situation. Here in the Netherlands, we don't have a "complete lock-down", but a lot of the things we did on a daily basis have stopped. Schools and universities are closed, and are trying to move there lessons to "online". Restaurants and bars are closed. Last weekend, a lot of people visited the beach, but after this, the government warned for the risks and therefor closed the parking places. Also, the Dutch government asked for 1.5 meters distance between people, and prohibited all meetings with more than 100 people. A lot of shops are still open, but the economy is taking a hit and companies are struggling. Supermarkets try to help people with signs and warnings about the 1.5 meter regulation. 

We hope you're still safe. We know that in France, a lot of people have to stay inside. Because we can imagine that you want to follow the Corona news, we added three Corona-news-podcasts-apps to the Timebutton Appstore: a Dutch podcast from BNR, an English podcast from CNN and a French podcast from Radio France.

Take care of each other, stay safe!

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