februari 24, 2016

TTS Cleanup

Note this: TTS from Acapela is not allowed since 8 december 2016. See this blogpost for more information.

First of all: the credits for TTS go to Acapela and a post from MikeyLife where he shows code to fix a previous problem with TTS.

This post is a follow up of my post "how your rabbit speaks". On nabaztag.forumactif.fr, a French Karotz owner named DuplO asked for help. His rabbit didn't speak anymore. 

I did a rewrite of the original TTS file and asked him to download this file. This helped to solve the problem, his rabbit is speaking again.

Is this magic? No, nothing special here. I just cleaned up the code a bit.

Below is the new code. You can find the latest version on Github. If you want to install it manually:

  • download the file from Github
  • use ftp to upload it to your Karotz, place it in directory "/www/cgi-bin" as "tts"
  • add permissions: use telnet and enter command "chmod 755 /www/cgi-bin/tts"
  • test if TTS is still working.
  • you can safely delete "tts.inc" now.

If you want to download the file directory from Github using wget of your Karotz: this doesn't seem to work, I get the message "wget: not an http or ftp url". Solution: download it from FreeRabbits.nl:

Use telnet, enter commands:

  • wget http://www.freerabbits.nl/downloads/karotz/tts.sh -O /www/cgi-bin/tts
  • chmod 755 /www/cgi-bin/tts

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