december 31, 2020

Statistics December 2020

As promised in April, here are some statistics from our database.

We currently have 573 registered Karotz in our database. Monitoring started at the introduction of the Free Rabbits Timebutton Appstore, in Januari 2016. Since then, we've logged every request a Karotz makes to our apps and services.

Most of the Karotz come from France. Here's a list of countries where our Karotz come from:

Country Count
France  406
Netherlands  24
Germany  20
United Kingdom  17
Belgium  16
United States  16
Canada  13
Switzerland  10
Italy  8
Spain  5
Hungary  4
Finland  3
Japan  3
Portugal  3
Russia  3
Australia  2
Morocco  2
Poland  2
Sweden  2
Algeria  1
Austria  1
Denmark  1
Ireland  1
Lebanon  1
Luxembourg  1
Malaysia  1
New Caledonia  1
Norway  1
Singapore  1
South Africa  1
Tanzania  1
Thailand  1
United Arab Emirates  1

And in graph it looks like this:


Most of our Karotz come from France. France is divided in regions. Here is a graph showing in which region a French Karotz lives:



Now lets take a look at the usage of apps from the Appstore. Here's a list of the 20 most used apps:

App Count
Funny Clock 178414
Moods (Français) 173820
Moods (English) 67380
Synchronize Time 47561
Star Wars R2D2 42821
Talking Clock 40883
Move Ears 35036
Wake up 32726
Go to sleep 30816
Talking Clock Français 29748
Random Sound 27904
Random App 24552
Karotz Parler 17796
Go to the toilet 17370
Tai Chi 16282
Météo dans votre ville 15314
Update TimeButton 10454
Make a phonecall 9466
Temperature Paris 9068
Random CRON Apps 8842

And in a graph:

Apps 1

The graph below shows the number of apps requested each month. It looks like there is a little increase in usage in 2020, we think that this is related to the Covid-19 virus: people seem to use there Karotz more this year then before.

Apps 1

We want to wish you a very happy and healthy 2021! Stay safe!

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