september 27, 2015

USB Boot - Booting a Karotz from a USB key

Today, i tried to get some more technical information about my rabbits.

I read a lot of information on who seems to be one of the people who hacked his Karotz a long time ago. He has some downloads on his site, and one of them is making it possible to boot the Karotz from USB and do all kinds of housekeeping stuff.

I want to use this procedure in the future, to change some settings (like Wifi). I've created some new soundfiles (they were French, now they are English). I also changed the autorun script: it will now only log some information on the USB key in the folder called 'dump'. No information is written to your Karotz, so don't worry.

You can find my version over here.

Just format a USB key as FAT32, unzip the ZIP-file and copy all the files to the root of the USB key. After that, power off your rabbit, place the USB key and power it on. Wait for English spoken instructions :-).

Have fun. 

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