december 08, 2015

Disney Christmas Songs

Have you ever been to Disneyland? If so, you will remember the typical Disney Music all over the place. Everywhere you walk, you'll hear music. And during Christmas, you'll hear special Christmas Music all over the park.

Well, good news! Your Karotz can bring you in the Disney Christmas Mood! 

I have found a great place on the web where you can find the Disney Christmas music online:

I decided to create a special service that will random pick a song from the list on the DisneyTravelBabble-site and let your Karotz play this song. I tried to make the randomizer a bit smart, so it won't pick the same song before it has played all the songs.

Get in the mood, give it a try, and let your Karotz play you a nice Disney Christmas Song. Merry Christmas!

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