oktober 17, 2017


Lets talk about Karotz Brownies.

A brownie is a square, baked, chocolate dessert. Brownies come in a variety of forms and may be either fudgy or cakey, depending on their density. (Wikipedia)

UK Karotz

No, of course not, not those real chocolate things. BTW, I love chocolate. And apparently my Karotz does.

My Karotz has been in our living room permanently since november 2015, so for almost two years now. After a while, I think it was after a year, I noticed that my Karotz was having, well, a sort of a brown hue on his right side. "Strange, maybe because of the electronics getting warm inside", I thought. But later, the brown color started to spread to a larger part of the right side. So why the right side? Because on that side, that is where the window is, that is where the daylight is coming from. Note this: daylight, not sunlight. My Karotz is not exposed to sunlight, just daylight.

I wanted to know what happened and Google'd a bit. It seems that plastics (Polymers) don't like UV light. Just look for "UV Damage to Polymers" or "UV degradation" on Google and you will find a lot of information about this subject. Or check this article on Quora. And daylight contains UV light.

I haven't tried the different solutions to stop this process, or to get the original colors back. I do want to share some pictures with you. Below, you see my Living-Room-Master-Karotz on the left, and my Office-Buddy-Karotz on the right. Just see the difference in color (in my office, there is less daylight).


And finally, a picture from one of my Karotz friends in the UK. This Karotz has been around for a longer time than mine.

UK Karotz

We are curious about the color of your Karotz. Is it also changing? If so, can you take a picture and share it with us? If you want, we will publish your picture here, in the "Hall of Famous Karotz Brownies".

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