februari 10, 2016

More TimeButton Apps

The TimeButton software with our Appstore has been online for a few weeks now. Every weekend, we have added some new apps.

As promised in the previous post, we added the Color-apps to change your Karotz's color. I scheduled the "Color Dark Blue" for my own Karotz around 19.00 in the evening. My Karotz is located in my livingroom, near the TV. And because its LED is bright, I wanted to dim it a bit in the evening, when watching TV. So thats the reason the "Dark Blue" color is available as a little bonus on top of the default colors.

We also improved the way your Karotz should behave when it is sleeping. In the first version of TimeButton your Karotz was still playing sounds when it was sleeping. This is fixed in version 01b, it won't make any noise or change its color now when it is sleeping.

We are proud to offer you the original Karotz Moods, thanks to the great work of Wizz.cc. Moods are available in English and French. When you run these apps, you'll hear a random mood out of the 300 existing moods.

A Dutch Karotz owner asked for a Camera App. You'll also find that one in the store now. Note that it will take a picture and upload it to the FreeRabbits webserver. You can view it when you log in with a Google Account. That login will also give you some basic information about your Rabbit. We are thinking about providing more info in the future, your Karotz logfile for example.

To use the Camera App, you'll need version 01c of the TimeButton software. Upgrading is easy, just use the 'Update App' also available in the store.

And last but not least, we added some Swedish Apps for a Swedish Karotz owner. 

Things to come: a 'Synchronize the time with a timeserver App' because the internal clock of the Karotz is not very accurate. 

We have seen some Karotz trying apps once, and not coming back again. But we also have Karotz contacting us frequently, falling asleep and waking up every day. And that's the reason we created this: for fun, for a bigger Karotz community, and for easy to use functionality. 

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