april 02, 2016

Appstore March 2016

In March 2016, we did some minor and major changes to the TimeButton AppStore. This is a list of changes:

It is now possible to add an App multiple times a day. This makes it possible to listen to the same news feed in the morning and evening, or to play a song multiple times on the same day. Or do you want to move the ears of your Karotz every hour? No problem anymore. Just make sure you don't use a time another App is already using.

The "Temperature Paris" App was using a free weather forecast service from Yahoo. However, Yahoo changed this service. The service does still exist, but needs authentication now. Because we wanted to keep things simple, we switched to another weather provider. The App is now powered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. See http://www.yr.no for more info.

We added some more Apps. It is now possible to read the events in your Google Calendar (Agenda) in three languages. We also connected Karotz to the "Zermelo" service. Zermelo is a company producing timetable scheduling software and has a nice Api. Your Karotz can now tell you if a lesson has been canceled.

We improved the user interface. Technical: it is using more Ajax calls now (Ajax is a technique to create modern websites). Non-technical: you can now see all the Apps of your Karotz (divided in Cron Tasks and Button Tasks) when you view the details of an App. An App on the Cron list will run automatically at the time you want it to run. An App on the Button list will run when you press the button. You can add more than one App to your Button list, it will play one if you press the button, and the next when you press the button again. This will repeat until all Apps are played, then it will start again with the first App on the list. You can also easily add and remove Apps on each list.

We had some disruption in our services on Thursday March 31 between 00:00 and 15:00 because of unplanned maintenance.

This evening, I figured out how to use SSH server (Dropbear). The next post will tell you more, so stay tuned!


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