januari 24, 2016

The TimeButton Appstore

A new year has started, well, is already a few weeks old. In these weeks, we have been busy to create a new Karotz experience for you.

We have created an Appstore full of TimeButton apps. Now, what is a TimeButton?

I use my Karotz every day, for example to listen to the latest news. And I want to do this on different times of the day. In the morning, I want to hear the news from channel A, in the early evening the news from channel B, and maybe later hear some Classic Music. Or Jazz. And my Karotz has to go to sleep around 22.30 by itself.

Its not always the same time I want to listen to content. What I really would like is this: when I push the button, I want my Karotz to do what I told him to do on that specific time. 

To make this possible, we have created the Appstore. It gives you access to a lot of nice and easy to use functions. You can already test them, and schedule an App to run on a fixed time of the day. And in the near future, next month maybe, you can tell your Karotz to run a specific App when you press the button at a specific time. For example start the news App when you push the button between 7 and 8 and start internet radio when you press the button between 9 and 10.

For all of this to work, you will have to install the TimeButton software. It will install new files in its own folder, and will only change one of the existing files that handles the press-on-the-button. More about this file was written in the post about the button. Your Karotz will still run OpenKarotz after installing the TimeButton software, and your OpenKarotz functions will be still available. TimeButton runs on top of OpenKarotz and is an addition.

After installing the software, you'll need to press the button. Every time you do this, your Karotz will ask the FreeRabbits webserver what to do next. This technique is also a nice workaround for the ARP problems I wrote about earlier, because you won't need to access your Karotz from your webbrowser.

There are already more than 40 Apps in the store, and we want to create more. What would you like us to add? Apps for changing the color of your Karotz will soon be available, but if you have some other ideas, let us know.

Our Karotz services are free and will stay free in the future. And we don't like advertisements, so no adds on our webpages.

Have fun and leave some comments!




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